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"Midlife Magic - Mountain, Myths, and Muscles"

"Let's Get Primitive"

"Going the Full Mountain"

Mary will tailor a presentation or a whole programme for your special needs that will be unique, engaging and focussed. Mary is very different from other speakers as she weaves a narrative based on personal experience in conquering remote places around the world.

Her message is about enjoying life, caring for your body and mind, extending and challenging yourself, and surviving the pressures and stresses of work, family and life.

Mary has reached out to senior executives, academics, working and project teams, societies and clubs, and at large and small events in Australia and internationally. She delivers single, engaging and motivating sessions or a complete programme on health and performance.

Mary stands out from the crowd as an after dinner speaker with presentations that your participants will become immersed in and truly enjoy.

For motivational and speaking engagements, contact Mary through:

ICMI Speakers and Entertainers

Paula Leishman

03 6236 9976
[email protected]

Entertrainers and Speakers 
Julie Ankers
02 9267 5220
[email protected]


Working from her own studio, Mary helps people use Pilates techniques to build fitness, mobility, posture and improved health.

Old or young, fit or 'on the way', Mary will help you enjoy your life more by looking after your body.

She has worked with Vietnam War Veterans and Occupational Therapists delivering rehabilitation exercise programs. As part of a programme to recover from illness or injury, Mary can help you use exercise to heal your body and your mind.

For Pilates related enquiries, contact Mary at:

[email protected]

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